raspberries and nuclear warheads go very well together, yes

Sheep and Rugby, an excellent combination.

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i remember once i was walking to class near this group of guys and one of them saw his girlfriend and one of his friends was like “c’mon man bros before hoes” and the guy looked him dead in the eye and said “she’s the bro and y’all bitches are the hoes” before going to talk to his girlfriend and i have never seen a group of guys in sagging jeans and ridiculous shoes look so offended 

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But you’re dead.

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At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it? —Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings (via onlinegf)

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well? can he????

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Going on right now in Ferguson: Police are raiding a church that has been stocked with medical supplies, food, and tear gas recovery kits for community members engaging in protests. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Stand up, speak out. 

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Remember in the 90’s there used be a room in your house that was called the “computer room”.

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the golden trio tumblr text posts

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Stray dog gets hit by a car and finds refuge under a homeless man’s cart.


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